Technical Feature

Ha'Garta is a boardgame for core gamers who like to lead armies and the classical fantaisy universe. Entirely printed with high quality materials, a cheapest version is in production.

Best Features

In this game, you are winning alone at the end, but you can't survive without help. The key point is to find the balance between alliance and betrayal with the other players.


This project started from a school project with a team of 4 people(2 Game Designers and 2 Artists). My team and I decided to continue this project and finally get an Editor for the game. We've been working on this project for 3 years now.

My role

I worked on pretty everything on this game except the artistic side. From the basic game Design to the ergonomic aspect. I started with basic work to describe my universe then I built an entire context and story around it. The story gave me the basic game design rule. From this point on, I have spent my time on balancing the game and thinking about the ergonomic aspect of the game. Through the iteration I had to rethink some of the rules, but the basic Game Design rules stayed the same. I had to communicate with the artists to give them the same vision of the game and respect important ergonomic obligation.

About the game

Ha'Garta is an inversed tower-defense. Players incarnate War Generals respectively of the goblins, orcs, spirits and dark elves. They will have to form an alliance to defend the city that there are in, from the attack of the humans that are an AI fully explained in the rule book. At the end, there will be only 1 victor, so players have to find the balance between alliance and betrayal. For this, players will have to discover the ruins of the city, giving them new power-up or buy spell card. In addition they will have to finish quests and win battles to reach victory.