Technical Feature

Bayou is entirely made with Game Maker. I had to code almost every mechanic of the game. Then iterate and polish them with game designer.

Best Features

Inspired by the old Zelda game for the gameplay, in Bayou everytime the player gets a new power he loses maximum health, requiring him to have more skill and game knowledge.


This is a 1 year school project that we had to do in a team of 8. We were a multidisciplinary team, composed of game programmers, game designers, artists and music composers.

Download it here !

My role

At the beginning I participated in the first decision about the game, like the core mechanics, the universe and the story. Then, I took the role of main programmer. I was in charge of coding the entire game, exept the monsters behavior. All along the project, I continued to give my vision of the weak/strong points of the game and about the game design experience. I also integrated all the work of the Artists and music composer.

About the game

Bayou is a demo of a 2D RPG game in the universe of Voodoo. Inspired by typical game design an old Zelda game, with new mechanics. The more powerful the player is, the less maximum life he will have. Trapped in the swamp of the dead, the player will have to cross it to reach the Loa who trapped him there. But he will have to face the servants of the Loa and different creatures lost in this swamp. The final goal of the player is to defeat the Loa himself.